4 Heating Repair Tasks for Energy-Efficient Home Renovations

If you want to have a more efficient home design when you invest in renovations, you'll need some repairs. The heating system is one of the areas that will need repairs. Some of the repairs can be an opportunity to update equipment with more energy-efficient solutions. The following heating repairs may be needed during your renovation project to make your home more efficient:

Replace the HVAC Blower

One of the issues you may have to deal with is airflow. These problems are often due to the blower being damaged and worn parts. Sometimes, you can have your old HVAC blowers repaired, but they will still be less efficient. Instead of repairing the damaged and inefficient blower, consider replacing it. Today, modern HVAC blowers use variable-speed motors. These are much more efficient solutions for your heating and cooling needs.

Update Your HVAC Ductwork

The ductwork is another area of your heating system that may need to be repaired. Often, the problems with HVAC ductwork cause the heating and cooling in your home to be less efficient. Therefore, you may need to repair the issues like air leaks that cause your HVAC system to lose energy. If the damage to the ducts is extensive, it may be a better idea to replace the ducts to make your system more efficient.

Install New Furnace Controls

The controls of your system are another problem that you may have to deal with. Sometimes, outdated heating system controls cause your system to be inefficient. Therefore, when they fail—you want to have them replaced with a more efficient solution. Today, there are options for digital heating controls that can allow you to program the settings to maximize the efficiency of your system. There are also options for changing your system to a zoned design with multiple thermostat controls in different areas of your home.

Upgrade Furnace and Boiler Equipment

The furnace or boiler might be some of the inefficient heating equipment that you need to have repaired. Often, these systems are old and outdated, which is why it may be a better investment to replace them. Today, there are options like AC heat pumps, alternative fuel systems, and renewable energy that can be used for the heating and cooling in your home. Talk to your heating repair service about replacing your furnace or boiler with one of these solutions.

The heating repairs that you do during your renovations can make your home more efficient. Contact a heating repair service like McGuire Plumbing & Heating Inc. if you need help dealing with these issues to complete the renovations to your home.

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