Good Places to Start a Remodel

If you want to update your home then you will want to decide on the best way to begin your home's remodel. Some people do the whole thing at once because they are in a good situation and can do this. However, there are other homeowners who have to take on one or two projects at a time and have their homes remodeled in steps. When they do this, they usually start by having the areas that will make the biggest impact on the overall look and feel of their homes done first. If you are going to be remodeling your home in steps, then consider starting with some of the areas mentioned here: 

Remodel the kitchen

While some families do more eating out than they do cooking in their home, there are others who think of the kitchen as the heart of their home. If you are someone who enjoys cooking and baking, as well as having friends and family over for meals, then you know the importance of a kitchen that seems as if it has been designed with you in mind. If your kitchen is lacking some of the things that you wish it had, then you should think about making it the first part of your remodel. You can have the entire kitchen remodeled so that you have the perfect space to prepare your meals. Some of the improvements and changes that can be done in the remodel include: 

  • Making the kitchen larger

  • Adding a window for more sunshine

  • Replacing the cabinets and adding more if needed

  • Replacing the countertops 

  • Replacing the flooring

  • Repainting the kitchen walls

  • Replacing the sink

  • Replacing the appliances with new ones

Remodel the bathroom

Some people don't put much thought into the size and design of their bathroom. If it has a shower and a toilet that functions properly, then they feel they don't have anything to complain about. Then, there are those who expect a lot from their bathroom. They want it to look like a welcoming sanctuary where they can escape the noise of the family while they take a long bath in their large and comfortable whirlpool tub in great lighting. They appreciate a large bathroom they can move around in when they prepare for the day and they like to have the right space for all of their hair and skin products, makeup, and accessories. If you like to feel spoiled in your bathroom, then it may be a good place to begin your remodel. Some of the things you may want to have done include: 

  • Make the bathroom larger

  • Add a window for more natural lighting

  • Add a skylight for more natural lighting

  • Replace the tub and/or remodel the shower

  • Replace the sink

  • Have more counters and cupboards installed

  • Replace the flooring

  • Paint the walls

  • Have a vanity table installed


The areas you decide to have remodeled first should be the ones that will bring the most pleasure to you and your family. However, learning about how some people feel about the kitchen and bathroom can help you to imagine how remodeling your favorite areas can help you enjoy your home more.

Talk to a remodeling service to get started. 

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