Concrete Retaining Walls That Can Complete Your Outdoor Spaces With Fun Designs

If you want to add a fun design to outdoor spaces, retaining walls can be more than just blocks that hold back the soil. With concrete retaining walls, there are actually a lot of options to do different things with these hardscaping structures. The following information will help you create unique and fun designs for landscaping with concrete retaining walls:

Adding Radius to the Walls

Often, retaining walls are just straight structures that lack texture and design. To improve the appearance of your landscaping, add radius details to the design. Curved shapes can allow you to create more usable spaces with concrete retaining walls. If you have property lines that are not quite straight, the curved retain walls may work better to complete these spaces.

Building Seating into Walls

You may also want to build seats into your retaining walls. There are different ways that seats can be added to the retaining walls outside of your home. The seating that you build into retaining walls can have contoured shapes, cushions, and other features that make them more comfortable. If you use curved walls, this can be a great way to add more unique designs to your landscaping.

Built-in Niches and Decorative Features

There are also options to add niches to the design of your retaining walls. The niches can be a great way to add different features. The built-in niches can house statues and things like planters. The niches can also be a great way to add creative backlighting that will enhance your landscaping lighting design. There are also options to have outdoor cooking and grilling features built into the niches in retaining walls.

Decorative Finishes for Concrete Retaining Walls

The concrete retaining walls can have custom finishes that give them a unique design. The finishes for your concrete retaining walls can be created by using stamped forms or using other methods. If you want to give the finishes a more custom look, there are also options like layover finishes that can give your retaining walls the look of natural stone and decorative details. You can also use stone materials to face the concrete and create unique artistic designs in the finishes to complete your outdoor spaces.

The addition of retaining walls can have a more custom design that adds to outdoor spaces. Contact a concrete retaining wall service for help planning your retaining wall and them implementing it to your yard.

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