Considerations for Homeowners With Water Well Systems

If your home needs to use a water well to provide it with power, you will need to have at least a basic working knowledge of the various issues that your water well may need to address.

Appreciate That Water Well Purification Systems Can Be Needed

There is often the misconception that the water from a well will be extremely pure. In reality, many harmful substances can naturally be found in the underground water source. Furthermore, there is a risk of the water source being contaminated by human activity as well. In addition to these potential sources of contamination, the water well could also have a large number of particles dissolved in the water. This could make it less pleasant to use as well as potentially clogging the plumbing. Adding a purification system will remove the majority of these substances and improve the overall quality of the water.

Consider Whether You Need to Upgrade the Well System's Storage Tank

Your water well will have a limited amount of capacity. While you will be able to choose a well system that currently meets your water needs when you have it installed, there can be instances where you will need to upgrade the well system. This is particularly common for families that are growing as each member of the household will substantially increase the amount of water that the plumbing system will have to provide. Luckily, you may be able to upgrade the water well's capacity without needing to have it completely replaced. This is possible by upgrading the primary storage tank for the water well so that the system will have a larger reservoir of water that it can use for your home.

Protect Your Water Well System Once It Has Been Installed

Failing to protect the water well system after it has been installed is a mistake that can have costly consequences. Damage to the well shaft can require the well to be filled and replaced. Even though the well shaft is buried, it is still possible for it to suffer damage due to heavy items being placed on top of it or uncontrolled erosion being allowed near the well.

If your well is located in an area that experiences frequent erosion problems, the use of erosion control netting, gravel, or other strategies can significantly reduce the risk to your well. Another common source of damage can be components of the water well system that are above ground freezing when the temperature drops, which can lead to ruptures in the piping and tubing that is transporting water from the well. Thoroughly insulating these components can help them to retain heat so that the risk of freezing and rupturing is kept low.

If you need more help with maintenance, contact well water system contractors. 

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