How To Make Sure Your New Shingle Roof Lasts As Long As Possible

Having a roof installed is no minor feat. Even though the roofing company is the one doing the actual, physical labor, you will be the one footing the bill! As such, you probably want to make sure you don't end up needing another new roof any sooner than necessary. Here are some things you can do before and during the installation phase to ensure your new shingle roof lasts as long as possible.

Opt for architectural shingles.

Standard, 3-tab shingles still have their place in the market. They're inexpensive and easy to install. However, they do not last as long as the more modern architectural shingles. Because of their varied texture and shape, architectural shingles tend to shed water better, and they are less likely to be peeled back by high winds. So, if you want your shingle roof to last longer, it's worth paying a little more for architectural shingles. Many are rated for 30 years, and some are even rated for 50 years.

Make sure there's enough ventilation.

Homeowners sometimes don't realize how important vents are for the life of their roof. Vents let hot air escape from the attic so that the heat does not have to pass directly through the shingles, slowly damaging them in the process. If your attic often feels stuffy and moist, you probably don't have enough vents right now. Mention this to your roofer before they start working on your roof. They should be able to add some extra vents quite easily. Doing so may even bring down your energy bills in the summer since your home should stay cooler.

Replace the flashing.

Flashing is the metal sheeting that is placed around chimneys and other penetrations to keep water from seeping in around them. Sometimes, if your flashing is on good shape, your roofing company will just leave it rather than replacing it, as this saves you money in the short-term. But if you can afford to have the flashing replaced, it is a good idea to just have it done. This way, you are less likely to end up with damaged flashing half way through the life of the rest of your roof. Damaged flashing can allow water in, compromising the integrity of your shingles.

If you are proactive and follow the tips above when having a roof installed, your roof should last longer. Also, be sure to let your roofer know this is your goal. They can work with you to make other smart decisions that will increase your roof's longevity. 

To learn more information about getting a new roof, reach out to a professional near you.

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