Garage Door Repairs That Should Always Be Done By A Professional

If you're handy and have a good set of tools, you can probably make a few garage door repairs on your own. For instance, replacing the weatherstripping is pretty simple. Filling holes in wood panels, by using wood putty, is also quite approachable. However, there are some garage door repairs that are a lot harder to tackle — at least in a safe way — and should therefore be handled by a professional. Here are the key repairs that fall into this category.

Spring Repair or Replacement

Most garage doors are held up by either one or two large springs. Over time, these springs may stretch out, which can cause the garage door to drop down too far when it closes, hitting the ground and triggering the closing mechanism to pull the door right back up again. These springs are under a lot of tension. If you unhook one incorrectly, or if the spring happens to snap while you are working on it, you could suffer a serious injury. Professionals know just how to handle these springs and where to stand to avoid injury. So, it's always worth hiring a pro to work on your garage door springs.

Electrical Connection Repairs or Changes

Most garage door openers are wired into a single circuit. There may also be a switch that allows you to turn the power to the garage door opener on and off. A lot can go wrong with the wires connected to your garage door. They can fray and suffer damage over time. Mice can also chew through them.

Working with electrical wiring comes with a risk of shock. Plus, if you don't connect the wires properly, you could be at risk for a home fire. Let the pros handle anything electric, and stay safe.

Issues With the Chain

The chain that allows the garage door to move up and down can become rusted or worn out. It can start to stick or slip. Repairing the garage door chain usually requires that the chain is removed, which takes some skill and special tools. The chain may need to be replaced, or it may need to be resized. Again, this requires some specialty metal-working tools, and therefore, it is usually best performed by a professional.

If you're having trouble with your garage door, it is never a bad idea to call a pro. But when it's one of the issues above, calling a professional is really the only smart choice.

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