Dealing With Foundation Issues In Your House

It is not uncommon for an older home to have problems with the foundation over time that require some form of repair. A foundation repair contractor can determine the severity of the damage quickly with a simple inspection and then make the repairs needed to get your house back on solid ground.

Foundation Damage

You may notice some things in your home that can hint towards a problem with the foundation and may suggest it should be checked. Doors inside the house starting to stick, a floor that feels like it is starting to pitch to one side, windows that used to open but are now hard to move, or new cracks forming in wallboard seems can all indicate that the building is settling to one side. 

These are not always signs that indicate the need for foundation repair on their own, but a combination of them should prompt an inspection of the foundation under the home to ensure there is no problem with it. Foundation damage can range from small cracks to much more significant issues like sinking or settling unevenly, causing damage inside the home. 

Having a foundation repair company come and inspect your foundation is often free, and it can uncover issues you didn't know you had. The inspection will include looking closely at the foundation under the house and around the outside. If there is damage found, the inspector will let you know and recommend foundation repair. 

Foundation Repair

Once the inspection is complete and the foundation repair company determines you need some repairs, they will go over what needs to be done with you. If the foundation has cracks in it but is still supporting the home properly, the work may only involve filling the gaps and sealing the foundation walls against water penetration. 

For more severe damage, the home may need to be raised and sections of the foundation repaired while the weight is off the foundation walls and footings. This is not uncommon in older homes, and if the foundation is settling badly, this is a good time for the contractor to add some material and drainage to stop any settling that might be occurring under the footing. 

If the settling is extreme, the foundation may need to be removed, the soil amended with rock and gravel, then compacted, and a new foundation built on top of the ground to properly support the home. Once the work on the foundation is complete, the foundation repair company can set the house back down, and if the job is done right, you will never know that it was ever moved. To learn more, contact a foundation repair service

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