What Homeowners Should Know Before Installing Metal Roofing On Their Home

The potential for leaks is a constant concern among homeowners who are dealing with an aging or damaged roof. In addition to the potential for water damage to the structure of the home, a leaking roof can allow harmful mold growth to occur in attics, walls, and other hidden spaces, exposing the occupants to potentially serious health risks.  

Homeowners who have already been struggling with a leaking roof, as well as those who want to avoid such troubles, may find that installing a metal roof can provide them with fewer roofing issues and more peace of mind. If you are considering the installation of a metal roof on your existing home, here are some things you should expect. 

Metal roofing typically costs more than shingles

Cost is an important factor whenever homeowners are considering a home improvement project. While the initial cost of installing a metal roof on your existing home is likely to be considerably higher than installing some other types of roofing materials, homeowners should also remember that metal roofing has a much longer lifespan than most other types of roofing. 

In fact, metal roofing can last for a half-century or more, usually without needing any repairs due to age or exposure. If damage should occur, repairs are typically limited to just the damaged sections of metal, which are typically easy to remove and replace by an experienced metal roofing installation contractor. 

Metal roofing is friendly to the environment

In addition to offering better protection for your home and family, metal roofing is also known to be friendlier to the earth than some other types of roofing materials, such as shingles. When shingles are damaged and removed from a residential roof, they often end up being hauled to special landfills. Since they degrade very slowly, shingles that end up in landfills are likely to become a problem that future generations will be forced to deal with. 

In contrast, metal roofing materials are completely recyclable and can be easily melted down and formed into new sheets of metal roofing or other useful metal parts, tools, and accessories. Instead of ending up in a landfill, metal roofing continues to be useful for future generations without taking up valuable space. 

Homeowners should also know that metal roofing can usually be installed directly over an existing roof. Because of its light weight and ability to flex, metal roofing is able to protect residential structures without applying damaging downward pressure. 

To learn more about metal roofing and whether it is a valid choice for your home's roof, contact a metal roofing installation company like Blue Water Roofing in your area. 

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