The Septic Drain Field: How It Works, Its Failures, And Steps You Can Take To Avoid A Disaster

Septic drain fields are a critical component of a septic system, yet most homeowners know little about them. They can be scary because they are not always visible, and if something goes wrong, you might get a nasty surprise. However, you should feel more confident about dealing with septic drain field problems with the right information to guide you. The following drain field guide will help you deal with any issues and avoid disaster:

Septic Drain Field Woes Start at the Soil

With any septic system, the condition of the soil is the first thing that needs to be considered. Before a septic system can be installed, a percolation test is done to determine how effluent will filter through the soil. Sometimes, the soils can become oversaturated if the effluent does not filter well through the soil. You might need to have work done to the drain field or have it moved to prevent problems with your septic system.

Drain Fields and a Low Water Table

The drain field can be affected by a low water table too. This can cause several issues with the design of the system and its performance. If the drain field of your septic system is too close to the water table, this can cause issues with the soils becoming oversaturated, and the distribution of effluent can be affected.

Preventing Drain Tile Clogs

One of the biggest causes of drain field problems is clogs. These issues start when solids get into the drain tiles and block them. Sometimes, these issues can be avoided with good maintenance routines for your tank. It is important to have the tank pumped out regularly and checked for issues like overburden. If the tank is too small, the maintenance needs to be done more frequently. In addition, if solids do block the drain field, a repair service can help clear them to ensure your system is working properly.

When All Else Fails, Replace the Drain Field

Sometimes, the only way that you can deal with drain field problems is to have it replaced. You might need to do this if the drain tiles collapse, if the soil is oversaturated or if you have an older drain field that doesn't do its job efficiently. Talk with a septic repair service about replacing the drain field if it is a constant problem with your system.

Understand what can go wrong with your septic system and how to prevent it. Contact a septic tank drain field repair service to get help dealing with issues before they lead to costlier failures.

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