5 Reasons To Hire A Tower Painting Professional

The idea of tower painting can seem relatively simple, especially if you're dealing with a short structure. However, the task poses numerous hazards. If you need a tower painted, consider these 5 reasons to hire a professional who specializes.

Liability, Insurance, and Licensing

One of the biggest arguments for leaving the job to a specialized professional is legal liability. Tools, materials, and equipment all can fall from great heights and cause property damage below. Similarly, a person needs to know how to avoid damaging the tower.

Any mistakes may lead to you being liable for injuries to employees, passersby, or neighbors. Likewise, property damage can occur, and you'd much rather responsibility lands on a professional's insurance than yours.

Some states also have licensing regimes. In those states, only a licensed contractor can do the work.


Even people who work in businesses that involve heights tend not to have the experience or skills required to work on towers. The heights tend to be much greater.

Weathering and the Choice of Paints

If you're looking for tower painting help, you're also probably trying to preserve your investment in a structure. Consequently, someone doing the work has to understand which paints will weather well. You don't want to see a tower's structure corroding because of the wrong paint.

Towers also can create problems at certain frequencies, even if they're not broadcast towers. Rust can emit radio signals and cause interference. You will want to be sure the paint won't create rust issues. Also, it needs to neutralize any surface rust that might be present.

Companies in the business have access to long-lasting paints. If you want to be sure you won't have to repaint the structure in a few years, this will make a major difference.


A professional knows how to navigate the unusual environment of a tower. Consequently, they can do the job faster than anyone else is going to be able to do it.

You also can rest assured a tower painting company will have the right equipment for the project. They will own rigging systems and lifts to operate securely in the environment. Also, they'll have tools designed for the purpose. This all expedites the process.


Tower painting firms know the local, state, and federal rules for the job. If you need permits, they can point you in the right direction. They also can sign off on any documents attesting to their part in the tower's maintenance history.

Contact a tower painting service to learn more.

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