3 Things To Consider When Building A Home Addition

Are you unhappy with your home's current size but don't want to move? You may be considering a home addition as a solution to your problems. Here are a few things to consider when building an addition.

The Contractor

You need to make a decision about how you are going to build the addition. Do you want to hire a general contractor that will take care of everything for you, or do you want to take on the responsibility of finding all of the subcontractors yourself? While the latter can be cheaper, it is going to be a lot more work. You may end up in over your head when you start getting into the project. 

The Heating And Cooling Method

Your new addition is going to need heating and cooling in order to feel comfortable. However, you are likely going to need an upgrade to your existing HVAC system to do so. That is because your current HVAC system is sized for your home and may not be big enough to handle all of the additional square footage. This would require making an upgrade to the furnace and compressor so that you're not endlessly running your HVAC system. 

You'll also need to look at if your existing HVAC system is a viable option that can be expanded. If your heating and cooling system relies on ductwork, you may not be able to extend that ductwork into the addition. You'll then need a second HVAC system just for the addition. You may need to factor in a utility closet for a forced-air system or plan on using a mini-split system that is built into the wall. 

The Insurance And Taxes

Many people look at the immediate costs to build an addition but not the long-term costs of having it. You should look into how the addition is going to impact your property taxes since they will go up along with your home's value. Your insurance provider is also going to want to make changes to your home insurance policy. The construction cost of your home will increase due to having an additional structure, and you want to make sure that the addition is covered in a total loss scenario. If the money is not there in the policy for the additional construction materials, you could run into issues rebuilding your home. 

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