Compare Options For Walk-In Tubs To Buy One You'll Love To Use

If you miss soaking in a tub because it's dangerous for you to climb in and out of your bathtub now, consider having a walk-in tub installed. You might keep up with daily hygiene by taking a shower, but there's nothing that beats a long soak in a warm tub, especially when you want to soak away aches and pains. Here are some things to know about walk-in tubs.

They Come In Different Sizes

Be sure to measure the space in your bathroom where you want the tub installed so you buy the right size. There are also other considerations when it comes to size. If you have an extra-large body, you'll want a larger tub with a wide door and wide seat.

Plus, you might want the tub size to match the way you like to bathe. You can buy a tub that's longer and shorter, or you can buy one that's taller and more narrow. Look over all of your options so that you choose a tub that's safe and comfortable for you to use.

The Doors Swing In Or Out

You can also choose which way the door opens to let you in or out. If you don't have enough space in your bathroom, you may want a door that swings in. However, a door that swings out might be more convenient if your bathroom is big enough because that would allow you to enter and immediately sit down.

No matter which way the door opens, when it closes, it seals so that you don't have to worry about a water leak. Walk-in tubs are designed so you can't accidentally open the door and let water flood your bathroom.

A Walk-In Tub Fills And Empties Fast

These tubs are designed to fill and empty much faster than traditional tubs. High-flow faucets are used so that you don't have to wait too long for the tub to fill. The drain is larger than usual too, meaning the the tub empties fast. This is important since you have to get in the tub before it starts filling and wait for the tub to empty before you get out.

Walk-In Tubs Have Additional Features

When you shop for your new tub, be sure to compare features. Additional features can cost more, but they can make your tub more enjoyable. You may want water jets, a seat warmer, a shower attachment, and color therapy lights. Some of the most important things to look for are safety features that make it safer for you to get in and out of the tub, such as grab bars or a low step.

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