New Roof: Residential Roof Designs You Can Consider

The roof is a vital element in every house. This is because, in addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your residence, the right roof design can protect you from weather conditions. Besides, it can allow proper drainage and easy access to your roof for inspection. Typically, roof styles are based on the specific slope you choose, so here are residential roof designs that you can consider.


This design features two sloping sides that generally meet at the top to create a ridge. You should know this roofing style can be easy to make and allows adequate drainage within your roof. Besides, the gable design creates functional attic spaces in your home. In most cases, this roof type can suit ranch-style homes that want to remain less noticeable from the street. Also, this roof has a steep slope that boosts insulation during the summer and winter.


Most modern-style homes have flat roofs that cannot be seen from the street. Note that roof design requires strong materials, and while the look is not a concern, you must ensure that water runs down the roof quickly. In addition, this roof can be ideal for residential houses that require more rooftop space. For example, this is your best roofing option when you want to set up a rooftop garden or require an additional relaxation area. This roof design is also easy to install and inspect thanks to the simple style.


A hip roof features slopes on all sides. This design is one of the most stable roofs due to uniform weight distribution. Moreover, the shape makes it resistant to high winds and heavy rainfall. In addition, this roofing unit can provide excellent ventilation to reduce energy costs. That said, most consider these roofs pricey, but you should know they are worth the investment. Also, a hip roof's pyramid design can boost curb appeal and home value. 


The mansard roof design has a steep low slope and is one of the sought-after options due to its ample attic room. In addition, experts can add dormers to your roof to let in light to your living space. More so, such an addition enhances the visual appeal of your house's exterior. 

There are many types of residential roof designs that you can pick for your new roof. However, you must work with a roofing expert to select the right style, depending on your home's exterior. That way, your roof can blend with your chosen architecture.

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