Common Roof Shingling Mistakes To Avoid And Why Hire Experts

Any mistakes during the installation of roof shingles may affect your roof system's overall aesthetic and service life. Looking at the long-term implications of these workmanship errors, it is easy to see why you must leave all roof shingling work to the experts.

Here is a rundown of some most common mistakes to avoid during the application of roof shingles.

1. Neglecting the Starter Strip

The starter strip provides the required base for roof shingling. Starter roof shingles offer wind and water protection at the roof's eave and rake. These starter shingles also help to promote efficient water runoff and prevent water channels from forming on your roof. 

Experts will cut the starter strip of shingles to match the first course of roof shingles. The contractor should always follow the manufacturer's specifications on applying shingles at the rake and along the eaves.

2. Incorrect Overhang 

The roof shingles should overhang the rake and eaves as per the manufacturer's specifications. The roofers will also consider your geographic wind zone when determining the amount of overhang. Similarly, you may not need as much overhang if there is an installed drip edge flashing.

If the overhang is inadequate, you risk water sipping into the fascia and rake, and the water damage can significantly affect your roof's structural integrity. On the other hand, if there is too much overhang, you risk a roof blow-off in high-wind weather conditions.

3. Incorrect Shingle Alignment

Precise alignment is crucial, whether it's horizontal or vertical roof shingling. A chalk line helps with proper shingle alignment. You should also ensure you match your shingles and avoid using roof shingles of different types and dimensions. 

Anything less, and the results may not be aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, poor alignment can allow water to easily seep into the roof deck beneath, causing it to rot and impact the entire roof's structural integrity. Incorrect alignment of the shingles will also affect your roof's wind performance and seal strength.

4. Improper Nailing

Never underdrive or overdrive the nails during roof shingling. Underdriven nails will not stay in place for too long, and it may only be a matter of time before they fall off the shingles. Similarly, failing to follow the local building code and manufacturer's specifications on proper nail placement will adversely impact your roof's seal strength. 

Get Expert Help

Hire a professional contractor and you won't need to worry about the outlined roof shingling mistakes and other workmanship errors. By employing their expertise and experience, the roofers will ensure proper roof shingles installation for the best aesthetics and longer roof life.

Call a roofing contractor for more information.   

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