What To Know About Residential Demolition

If you have a property that needs to come down, you will need residential demolition services. Demolition is often the best option after a home has been severely damaged in a fire, storm, or other situation. If home renovations are incredibly pricey, you may also want to consider tearing down the current structure and building a new one. While residential demolition may seem straightforward, there are a few things you need to know.  

You May Need To Consult Your Mortgage Lender

Tearing down a house or other type of residential property requires some planning. If you own the property outright, you'll need the correct permits to demolish it. However, if you have a mortgage, you will need to call your lender before starting the demolition. In some cases, your lender may demand payment in full of what's left on your mortgage if you demolish a property without their permission. If you're considering residential demolition services, call your mortgage company before scheduling them.

Deconstruction Versus Demolition

Once you have hired residential demolition contractors and obtained the needed permits, you will want to consider what type of demolition suits your needs. A lot of work goes into building a home, and demolition doesn't always mean breaking out the wrecking ball immediately.

Deconstruction involves saving as much material as possible from the property set to be demolished. These materials can then either be reused or recycled. Demolition is where heavy machinery is used to knock down the property and scrap everything. Most residential demolition services offer a combination of demolition and deconstruction.

How Much These Services Cost

What you pay for residential demolition depends on the size of the property, the materials that were used to build it, and whether any deconstruction is needed before the demolition begins. Properties with basements also cost more to demolish than those that do not have them. Since deconstruction is more time-consuming than demolition, it also costs more. On average, residential demolition services cost between $5 and $10 per square foot. However, before scheduling these services, make sure to get a detailed estimate from your contractor. 

Here are a few things you should know about residential demolition. First, if you have a mortgage on a property you want to tear down, call your lender before moving forward with the demolition. Second, there are different types of demolition services to consider. Finally, how much it costs to tear down a property depends on its size and the type of demolition you choose. 

Contact a local residential demolition service to learn more. 

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