A Look At How Impact Windows Are Made And Installed

When you get new windows, impact windows are a good choice. They have advantages over traditional windows because both the glass and frame are exceptionally strong. Here's more information about impact windows, including how they're made, why you want them, and how they're installed. 

What Makes The Windows Impact Resistant

The glass in impact windows can't be shattered. If struck just right and with enough force, the glass might chip or crack, but the glass doesn't fall apart because there is a membrane between the two panes of glass that holds everything together.

The glass can be struck by flying debris or intruders and it won't fall out of the frame. The frame of an impact window is also more durable than basic windows. It's stronger and thicker and installed to be more secure so the frame can't be kicked out or blown out either.

Why You May Want Impact Windows

You may want impact window replacements if you live in an area where storms happen frequently or where tropical storms are possible. The windows stay intact during bad storms so wind and rain won't blow through your house and cause extensive damage.

You might also want impact windows to improve home security. You may feel safer knowing no one can break in through your windows while your family is at home or while you're away on vacation.

How Impact Windows Are Installed

Impact windows are replacement windows that fit in your current window openings. The windows come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can choose the look you like and have them fit properly in the openings.

It's important for impact windows to have thick and strong boards to attach to, so if any of the old boards show signs of rot, they should be replaced. The installer has to follow local building codes for impact windows. Codes might require stainless steel screws if your home is close to a body of saltwater. Screws are usually used rather than nails since screws can't be pulled loose in strong winds as easily as nails.

The windows also have to be caulked tightly so wind-driven rain can't be forced through tiny gaps around the windows. Otherwise, installation is mostly the same as installing any other type of window and takes about the same amount of time.

Once your impact windows are in place, they'll look like any other traditional window, so the fact that they're impact-resistant won't give your home a different appearance. You'll have beautiful new windows, improved home security, and storm protection too.

Contact a local impact window replacement service to learn more. 

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