If You Need A New Roof, It's Time To Bust These Myths

If you live in a home long enough, you will eventually need to put a new roof on that home. When this time comes, you can rest assured that the hardest work will be done by the expert roofers that you hire to replace your roof. However, it is still wise to have a good understanding of the basics of roof replacement. You can start to grow that understanding by reviewing the all-too-common roof replacement myths below.

Myth #1: It's cheaper to just replace individual shingles as they fail.

Some people insist that instead of having your whole roof replaced, you should just have various patches and parts of your roof replaced as those parts fail. They think that this approach will cost you less. They may be right in the short term. For instance, having one round of repairs done may cost you less than having a roof replaced. However, in the long term, replacing a roof is almost always more affordable than repairing it again and again. Not only does the cost of repairs add up over time, but if you repair a roof rather than replacing it, you may be allowing problems with the roof deck to perpetuate. This might mean that when you do eventually replace the roof, the roof deck needs a lot of more expensive work, too.

Myth #2: You can have the new roof put on top of the old one.

You might imagine the roofer just putting your new roof on top of the old one. But this is rarely the approach they will take. Putting an old roof on top of a new one can lock moisture and mold between the two layers, resulting in accelerated deterioration of the new roof. So, roofers will almost always remove the old roof before putting a new one into place.

Myth #3: Shingles are outdated.

Asphalt shingles are less popular than they used to be, with more homeowners opting for longer-lasting roofs like those made from tile and metal. However, asphalt shingles are still very common and quite affordable, and if you like the way they look, you can absolutely have your new roof made from shingles. 

With these myths cleared up, you should be prepared to make better choices regarding your upcoming roof replacement. Talk to a roof replacement contractor in your area to learn more. They can point you in the right direction and give you a quote.

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