Why Your Home Needs A Truss Roof

Have you found it difficult to decide on which type of roof to choose for your newly constructed home? A rafter roof is commonly used for residential building structures, but you might want to opt for a truss roof instead. Both a rafter and truss roof can add to the aesthetic of your home due to the peaks that they create on the exterior. However, a truss roof comes with more benefits than a rafter roof that you might be more satisfied with regarding the overall structure of your home. Having a slanted roof in general can be beneficial in several ways. 

What Are the Benefits of a Slanted Roof?

A slanted roof is beneficial for more than adding to the exterior aesthetic of a home. The slant of a truss is also beneficial because it helps rainwater and other elements fall off the roof. For example, rather than sitting on the roof as water does on a flat roof, the slant will cause water to fall off to avoid causing damage. When rainwater, snow, and hail sit on the roof for a long time, it compromises the integrity of the building and can cause the roof deck to deteriorate. A truss roof can last for a long time if it is installed by a skilled contractor.

Is a Truss Roof an Affordable Option?

Investing in a truss roof is one of the most affordable options for several reasons. For instance, a truss roof involves less labor during the installation process, which means lower labor fees. There is less labor involved because a truss roof is constructed offsite rather than directly at the construction site. After a truss has been constructed, it will be transported to your home and can be quickly installed. Less timber is used for constructing a truss roof as well, which means you will spend less money.

How Does a Truss Roof Affect Structural Integrity?

A truss roof is good for the structural integrity of your home, especially if you desire an open floor plan. The reason is that a truss roof supports structural integrity by sending the weight of the roof to the exterior walls of a home. With other roof types, interior load-bearing walls are usually needed to support the roof. You can have an open floor plan without a random wall taking away from the openness of the floor.

Contact a local truss roofing company, such as Campbell Truss Company Inc, to learn more.

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