What Does A Commercial Design-Build Contractor Handle During A Construction Project?

Before a commercial construction project can begin, it's imperative to have a design-build that gives contractors the complete picture of what they will be putting together. When dozens of contractors work together to build a commercial property, they need to know what the design is like, what materials will be used, and more, enabling them to streamline the building process and stay on the same page to get more done. The commercial design-build contractor handles countless tasks that help the project get started while ensuring everything runs smoothly from beginning to end.

The Main Responsibilities of a Commercial Design-Build Contractor

The commercial design-build contractor typically starts a project by working with the client to gather more information. During the conversation with the client, the design-build contractor may ask these and other questions:

  • What is the current budget for the project?
  • Is going over budget feasible or something that must be avoided?
  • What are the primary goals of the construction project?
  • What is the vision for this project?
  • When would you like to have the build completed?

Asking the client these questions helps the design-build contractor gauge the scope of the project before focusing on the following tasks that are equally as important:

  • Assessing the land where the contractors will start building the commercial property.
  • Determining the necessary permits that need to be applied for to complete the project on the open land.
  • Connecting with other design professionals to help create the most functional design possible based on the client's vision.
  • Calculating the costs associated with the project and providing the client with an estimate.
  • Discussing design alternatives with the client if the initial plan won't be functional.
  • Beginning the construction process while overseeing the actions of the construction crew to ensure the work gets done correctly and on time.
  • Regularly completing numerous inspections throughout each step involved in the construction of the commercial property to avoid possible bumps in the road.

A design-build contractor is responsible for handling these tasks for the client, ultimately ensuring the client's vision gets brought to life in the form of a beautifully designed commercial property. Because of the assignments this experienced contractor completes, those who want to have commercial buildings constructed can have their projects started and completed within a reasonable period. The design-build contractor will focus on achieving the best outcome for their client while having construction workers build a fully functional property that is strong, solid, spacious, and looks fantastic.

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