The Pros And Cons Of Using Open Shelving In Your Remodeling Kitchen

When you're remodeling a kitchen, you will need to make a lot of decisions. One of those decisions will be whether you should stick with all classic cabinets, or whether you should instead go with open shelving in place of some or all of your cabinets. There is no right or wrong answer here, only what works best for you. So, consider the following pros and cons of open shelving as you make your choice.

Pro: You don't have to worry about doors getting in your way.

Cabinet doors can get in the way when you're cooking and otherwise maneuvering around in the kitchen. You might bump your head or arm on one. Plus, swinging the cabinet doors shut when you have dirty hands is a hassle. With open shelving, you don't really need to worry about this as you won't have doors to shut.

Con: You have to keep the shelves tidy.

Without doors to hide your kitchen items behind, it becomes more important to keep your kitchen contents tidy and organized. If your shelves get messy and disorganized, everyone who comes into your kitchen will see it.

Pro: You'll pay less.

Shelves are easier to build and install than cabinets. They also do not have hardware, which can cost more than you'd imagine. If you are on a budget or looking for ways to keep your kitchen remodeling costs down, opting for open shelves in place of some cabinets is a wise choice.

Con: Things can fall off your shelves.

If you bump into something on the shelf, or if there is a minor earthquake, items are likely to fall off your shelves. This is not as much of a concern with cabinets since they have doors to keep the contents inside.

Pro: You can display items on your open shelves.

Do you have an heirloom cast iron pot that has been in the family for years? Maybe there's a tea kettle you just love or a set of dishes you find beautiful. Open shelves allow you to display these items, making them a true part of your kitchen decor and design.

If you're still not sure whether you want open shelving in your kitchen, talk to a designer in your area. They can show you some kitchens with open shelves and other kitchens without them. Sometimes, it is easier to make this decision with some photos to review. For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact a professional near you.

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